Our Services


Our Services

Our services include SEO marketing, content writing, video production, social media content, influencer marketing, PPC, translations, training and consulting.

Event Planning

  • Events – Locations scouting, planning, reservations, invitations, staff provisions
  • Company Trips – Planning, consultations, bookings, speakers, factory visits, staff provisions
  • Marketing & PR – Website creation, logo, flyer design, video production, press
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Website creation, logo design & video production

SEO Marketing

Getting your content on the first page of Google can ensure the right kind of traffic to your website and lead to sales, new clients and partners. We offer different kinds of SEO packages which can range from keyword recommendations to full SEO optimisation of your website.

  • Full SEO report – receive a full SEO report of your website, which includes tailored guidelines on how to SEO optimise your website. Your web developer can use this report to make the recommended initial SEO changes.
  • Keyword report – an excel file which lists frequently used Google keywords related to your service/content.
  • Competition analysis – learn about your competition and why they are outranking you
  • On page SEO – we will implement the right strategy and optimise your website to rank on Google
  • Off page SEO (advanced) – take SEO to the next level and let us implement external off page technical SEO techniques.
  • Content SEO – optimised SEO blog post to generate more traffic to your website or keyword topic suggestions for your blog posts
  • YouTube SEO – Optimised SEO YouTube video content
  • Website Development – In addition to SEO services we offer website development and maintenance services
Full SEO website optimisation whilst communicating with clients designer
Full SEO Website optimisation & website creation


Having a well written blog, newsletter or YouTube channel will help you create brand awareness and build a community which can lead to new leads, partners and clients.

  • Video production – We create high quality video content for commercial or editorial use (including drone footage)
  • Web/blog content – Let us manage your blog and publish content on a regular basis
  • Content translation – We translate Korean blog content to English or the other way around
  • Copy writing – Our team will proofread and improve the quality of your content
  • Email marketing – We can create reusable email templates, manage your newsletter account (including setup, sign ups, reports, etc) and create frequent newsletters for your subscribers

Influencer & PR Marketing

Working with influences can get your brand out there. We can connect you with the right influencers and create influencer marketing strategies.

  • Affiliate program – Our digital media marketing team can build, manage and maintain your affiliate program which will allow you to collaborate with big bloggers and influencers in your market
  • Social media influencer marketing – We connect you with the right influencer to promote your product/services
  • Press Coverage – News coverage including Korean newspapers, TV & foreign news


  • Google ads – We help you set up your Google and YouTube ad campaigns, target the right keywords and audience
  • Naver ads – Our team will set up your Naver ads account, set up your Korean campaigns and track progress

Social Media Content

Having a strong social media presence has never been more important. Our digital marketing team can help you grow your Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest account by creating a tailored social media strategy, make exciting content and engage with your audience.

  • Text – Create engaging descriptions to connect with your audience
  • Card news & infographics – Our team will create professional looking card news and infographics
  • Ads – Google, Instagram & Facebook ads


Apart from all the services offered above we also offer tailored training and consultation.

  • Translations
  • Training – Let us train your staff
  • Consultation – Marketing, market research, website development consultation
  • Marketing Management –  Let us help build your marketing team