Namu Marketing is was created to fill in the gaps of Korean brands’ global digital marketing. It was born from two friends’ experiences and efforts to connect brands with their international audience. 

Marie Boes

SEO and digital marketing specialist. Marie attended The University of Antwerp in Belgium, Nottingham Trent University and Oxford University in the UK for her Bachelor and Master. Marie has been living in South Korea since 2016 and has worked with major Korean and foreign companies in the marketing field.

On top of being an SEO specialist, Marie also runs the popular Korea blog

Nahid Tehari

Digital Content Manager. Having worked with different Korean companies as a web content writer and social media manager, she believes that relatable and useful content can be the key to standing out in the competitive online world. 

Nahdi received her B.A. from Tehran University and M.A. from Seogang University. She has a love for content and narratives and spends her spare time creating written and visual fictional content.